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                                                     Courtesy of Steadicam Operator Chris Falkowski.

The Longplate fits all large stages including Tiffen Steadicam, GPI/PRO, Artemis, Betz Tools, XCS, and Glidecam.

Rigid design eliminates vibration. Accompanying kit of hardware permits operators to mount an Alexa or Sony Broadcast-type body directly to the Longplate, eliminating the quick-release plate. The hardware kit also includes the new Slip-Lock Kit. This eliminates any chance of a plate moving more than an inch or so in case the locking mechanism of a particular stage works loose.

The Longplate is frequently used to spread out top-heavy builds. The many slots afford mount points for lens support & accessories below the lens as well as behind the camera body. Cable management is cleaner with the elements spread out along the plate.

The Longplate-M will fit into the following stages without any adjustment to the stage:
Archer 2


Clipper 312/324


The Longplate-M will fit into the following stages and will require some removal of elements of the stage ( typically a safety lock ). The Longplate and Longplate-M come with a unique safety block system that replaces any design in use on a stage.

Archer 1

Aero 15/ 30

Operators who use the Steadicam Flyer, Model I, II, III , IIIA, ProVid or SK are able to use the Longplate-M with the addition of a gear rack.  Details are included in the PDF Manual.

Longplate Details - commonly asked questions.    

1. I have a stage that uses the side-mounted locking bolt. Will your Longplate work with it?

    Yes. The plate is made to work with stages that use a locking bolt that engages in cut-outs on the side of the plate. There are 3 cut-outs on the Longplate. Some of these stages are the GPI/PRO, XCS and Sachtler Artemis stages.

2. How do I use accessories that require a 1/4-20 machine screw?  

The Longplate comes with a kit of hardware. In addition to the Alexa/ Sony specific hardware, there are unique oval steel washers with 1/4" clear holes. This means that you can use every single slot for either 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 machine screws. 

3. Does the Longplate come with the small cap screws at the four corners that are the safety stops in case the lock in the stage works loose?

No longer. After examining several situations involving other branded - and shorter - plates where the locking mechanism failed and the plate slid forward and off of the stage entirely, the need for a different locking mechanism emerged. The velocity built up as an 18" plate slides forward and wants to slide off was of concern. Working with all stages, the Slip-Lock Kit installs and removes in seconds and prohibits the Longplate from moving more than an inch or two if the stage's own lock works loose. For owners of older Longplates, the Slip-Lock Kit is available separately.

4. Will the Longplate-M work with my Steadicam Flyer stage or Model I, II, III or IIIA, Sk or Pro-Vid stage? 

Yes. It requires installation of a gear rack. One is provided for anyone buying the Longplate for use on a Steadicam Flyer, Models I, II, III and IIIA, SK or ProVid. The plate will require a thickness modification. The PDF that is emailed to every customer includes precision measurements for the depth of the gear rack as well as the amount to be removed from the underside of the Longplate-M. The gear rack is included in the purchase price. It is only shipped to customers who own the rigs requiring it; it is not a normal accessory to the Longplate-M.

5. Does the Longplate-M come with the same accessory kit as the standard Longplate?

Yes, it has all of the hardware to directly mount an Alexa, Amira or Sony broadcast-type of camera bottom to the plate. 

6. Do you make accessories to go with the Longplate?  

Not directly. Jerry Holway designs and makes a series of nifty accessories that work with the Longplate and Longplate-M. They include a mount for the receiver of a BFD focus system as well as a mount to hang a battery from the underside back of the Longplate and Longplate-m. See the link on the top of the page to see his accessories.